Top 11 Austin Spaces with the Most Instaworthy Decor

It's finally summertime, y'all! I'm sure there are a few of you Texas heat haters out there, but I am all about it. This girl does NOT do well with the cold! During the winter months I tend to stay in the house and spend my time arguing with my husband about the thermostat, BUT now that the weather is fabulous I will be out galavanting about the great city of Austin! So I thought why not make a blog post about some of the best places to cool off with a delicious cocktail (and snap a few cute photos) during these beautiful summer days. Low and behold, the top 11 spaces (in alphabetical order because I hate picking favorites) in Austin with the most instagrammable decor. 

#1: Café No Sé

Image from  Eater Austin

Image from Eater Austin

This bright and cheery café has been around since 2015 and continues to hold its place on my favorite restaurant list year after year. Not only is the food amazing (brunch is to die for), but this space is filled with beautiful details and natural light that instantly bring joy to my heart the second I walk in. From the tile work to the abstract art, this place is breathtaking! 

#2. Eberly

Image from

Image from

If you're looking at the photo above and feel a bit nostalgic, it's probably because you've been to the "Big Apple." This cocktail lounge in Eberly was designed with the New York City subway in mind, hence the tile design and concrete walls. Also, make sure to look closely at the bar while you're there... Why you ask? Because that mahogany beauty is a freakin' relic. Built in 1866, the historic Cedar Tavern Bar lived in three different locations throughout NYC over 140 years. A bunch of old school celebs like Jackson Pollock, Bob Dylan, and Jimi Hendrix used to sit at that very bar, sipping a cocktail and contemplating life's mysteries. 

#3. Elevé Cosmetics

As I was researching and putting together the top places for this post, naturally Elevé Cosmetics popped into my head. But then I thought, "would it be a little self-centered of me to put one of my own designs in here?" Nahhhh. I may be a little biased, but I thoroughly enjoy this place. Their wine list is phenomenal and the makeup is bomb. So why not get your makeup done sipping a glass of grade A champagne and then take some cute photos? Sounds like a great afternoon (or morning) to me! 

#4: Elizabeth Street Café

Everything about this place is just absolutely adorable. I mean they have a pink door! What could be cuter than that? The inside is decorated just as thoughtfully as the exterior and their food is on point. Especially if you're into pastries... Beignets all day s'il vous plaît!

#5: Hank's

Image from

Image from

Hank's is a new spot here in town that I have yet to experience, but their menu looks off the charts fantastic. Also, from what I can see in pictures the decor looks super fun... Definitely a minimalistic vibe, but with a Texas twist. I am going to have to make it a priority to hit this place up this summer and enjoy a cocktail in one of those amazing patio chairs. Hank's date anyone? 

#6: Hotel Saint Cecilia

If you're an Austinite you've probably heard of the famous SOUL neon sign at the Hotel Saint Cecilia pool... If not, now you have! Although, the pool isn't the only fabulous thing about St. Cecilia. This whole hotel is decorated to the nines in eclectic, colorful decor and is just a total treat for the eyes. Only bummer about this spot is that you have to be a guest at the hotel or a private club member to enjoy it's one-of-a-kind beauty. 

#7: Jacoby's Restaurant & Mercantile

Jacoby's has been around for about 4 years now, but I am still in love with this place. Funky rustic decor, giant patio with succulents galore, and gorgeous river views topped off with an out of this world bloody mary. Honestly, if you don't enjoy yourself at Jacoby's there's something wrong with you bro. 

#8: Josephine House

Image from

Image from

If sipping cocktails at a cottage is your jam, you will fall in love with Josephine House. Believe it or not the inside is just as quaint as the exterior with wood floors and a cute little bar that I would gladly insert into my own home. You know a restaurant is doing something right if it's continued to thrive in Austin for over 5 years. Josephine House is the perfect example of an established Austin gem!

#9: Le Politique

Do you ever just wake up in the morning and be like "I feel like going to France today," but you don't quite have the funds to make it across the pond? Well if you do, then just head downtown to Le Politique for some croque madame and a glass of bubbly. This place has the perfect combo of natural light and pops of color with a Parisian feel that will have you feeling all warm and gooey inside like a crème brûlée.

#10: Pool Burger

Image from  @atasteofkoko

Image from @atasteofkoko

I had never heard of this place until today, but I am totally intrigued. Burgers and tiki drinks served out of an airstream that you can enjoy in an adorable tiki hut setting!? Sold. This place is definitely unique and photo worthy (as you can see from above), and it just looks super fun! 

#11: Yuyo

Image from

Image from

A newb to the Austin restaurant scene, Yuyo specializes in craft cocktails and Peruvian food served up fresh on the east side. If you're looking for somewhere out of the norm, this is your spot. Who would have thought contemporary with a Peruvian flare would work so well? And those basket light fixtures... Perfection! 

Well guys that about wraps it up for my top picks. I don't know about y'all, but I plan to enjoy each and every one of these fantastic places this summer. Cheers!