Fourth of July Entertaining Essentials


July 4th is quickly approaching and y'all know what that means... It's party planning time! Or just party going time, whatever you're into. I actually love to entertain, so I took the liberty of putting together a few Fourth of July party essentials as well as a few summer entertaining must-haves. I already have all of the Crate & Barrel items below (except for the serving bowl) thanks to my wedding registry and let me tell ya, I don't know what I ever did without them. P.S. my husband took the picture above from a 10' ladder sweating his butt off in 98 degree heat. That's love people.

Each item is numbered and the corresponding links are below! 

4th of July Party Essentials.jpg

1. Bistro Lights - we have these on our back porch and I literally turn them on every chance I get. 2. Beverage Tub - Perfect for outdoor parties and it fits a ton of wine. 3. Confetti Balloons - I mean who doesn't love these? 4. Wood & Marble Platter - This might be one of my favorite wedding presents... Probably because every time I use it it's filled with cheese. 5. Ice Bucket - Looks fab with the beverage tub and is great for drink ice. 6. Serving Bowl - this whole collection is adorable and perfect for the Fourth. 7. Acrylic Cups & 8. Acrylic Wine Glasses - Simple and reusable! 9. Table Runner - Not gonna lie the tassels had me sold. 10. Indoor/Outdoor Bar Cart -  You really can't beat this price and it comes in a few different colors. 11. Straws - Who doesn't love festive straws? 12. Plasticware - Simple, clear plastic cutlery to go with the glasses. Don't think I'd reuse these though. 13. Palm Leaf Plates - Eco friendly and freakin' adorable! 14. Napkins - Holiday specific napkins are a must in my opinion. 15. USA Balloons - Because 'Merica. 16. Cornhole - We have a set that get's busted out pretty much every time we have people over. 

I hope a few of you throw an awesome 4th of July party this year! Feel free to tag me if you end up using any of these items... I would love to see how they turned out. I hope everyone has a fabulous and safe Fourth of July!