Tiny Home Living

Have you ever wished that you could minimize your material possessions and live an overall simpler life? Well if you have, a tiny home might be for you! These houses are built for simplified living and are fabulously fun-sized, but you don't have to miss out on trendy decor or even entertaining a guest. 

Image from  atxtinycasas.com

Image from atxtinycasas.com

I had the honor of staging that adorable home above built by the amazingly talented team at ATX Tiny Casas for the Austin Tiny House Jamboree this past weekend. If you've thought about downsizing into a tiny house, but haven't take the plunge because you're scared you might miss the beautiful qualities of a well finished out home... Well joke's on you because ATX Tiny Casas has this luxury tiny house gig figured out. I mean... Just take a look at the kitchen below! 

Y'all, let me just say... those cabinets are no joke. And the countertops! No cheap laminate here. If you take a look up at the top right corner you can see a little glimpse of the bedroom loft. I went up there to set up the bedding and what not and let me just say... It's pretty spacious! It can fit a king size bed (the one shown is a queen) and still have room for a bedside table. Throw some cute Anthropologie bedding up in there and you're all set!

I bet you're wondering how you actually get up to the loft. Levitation. JK on the other side of the house from the kitchen there's a full on staircase... None of that janky ladder business that becomes a hazard after a couple happy hour cocktails. At the bottom of the stairs you have the entry and a living area shown below. 

The fantastic thing about this living space is that (even though it is quite small) it's big enough for a few people to hang out... AND it fits a futon sofa like the one shown. That way you can still have weekend guests! 

Hopefully y'all noticed that freakin' adorable turquoise barn door at the far end of the kitchen... That beauty leads to this heavenly little bathroom. It may be on petite, but it get's the job done with a storage vanity/mirror and a spacious shower that even has a built-in bench. I also love that this talented tiny house builder though to add a window in the shower so you can have your natural light without the umm... exposure. 

OH MY GOSH I forgot to mention the most important detail of this tiny house... It has a wine fridge! Cheers to that and simplified living, y'all.