Vintage Finds & Wine in Johnson City

Like most Austinites I've heard Johnson City come up in conversation a time or two and I've even stopped there on my way to the Fredericksburg wineries. Although, I was on a wine tour bus so we just stopped at a little deli for a snack... Okay a pickle and a Shiner, but that's neither here nor there. Anyways, after hearing more and more about the fun little vintage furniture shops and wineries I decided I had to go... So I grabbed the beautiful and talented Amy Rankin with Twinty Photography and we loaded up in my husband's truck for a little girls' day out in good ol' Johnson City, TX. 

Our first stop was this amazing little shop called Echo. They had a ton of super cool art and vintage furniture... Along with a bunch of random odd items that are always entertaining to look through. We walked around for a solid hour in there and I'm sure we only saw about two thirds of the merchandise. There's just so much good stuff! 

I of course couldn't leave without buying a few things because everyone knows you shouldn't pass up a good find. Am I right? It was when I stumbled upon this gorgeous hunk of a driftwood console that I knew I was destined to make a purchase that day. It ended up fitting perfectly in the entry of my lake house project! 

I also ended up buying a crazy fun art deco rattan bench and the cutest swivel chair I've ever seen. TBD on where those end up! 

We then made our way down the street and stopped at Vintage 205. Unfortunately this place didn't have a ton of furniture and it did smell a little odd, but I still managed to find a few noteworthy items. 

After perusing through Vintage 205 we wandered next door into an adorable little boutique/leather shop called Stidham Outfitters. It was here that I came across this large and in charge peacock chair that seemed to be calling my name. I mean... Who wouldn't want to sit on this boho beauty throne? 

After seeing the price tag I had been toying with the idea of purchasing the chair but I wasn't totally sold. So we looked through the boutique a bit, I convinced Amy to buy some really freakin' cute earrings, and we then decided to go to lunch at the one and only Lady Bird Lane Cafe (and cue nerdy picture).

The food was so fresh and delicious! Not to mention the place was full of all of these super happy elderly locals that just instantly make you smile when you see them. I highly recommend!

After lunch we headed back to Echo to load up the goods (see below for evidence I will in fact get my hands dirty... even in 257 degree weather) and YEP I also bought the peacock chair. I just couldn't resist! If anyone is interested in renting it for an event let me know! 

After sweating our butts off and doing our best to secure my loot in the back of the truck we drove 45 mph (so the peacock chair wouldn't take flight) the whole way to Lewis Wines. This place was so cute, y'all! They had an adorable little patio and picnic tables surrounded by bistro lights... and if you follow me on Instagram you know how much I love bistro lights! 

I ended up having a couple glasses of the 2017 Albarińo and I'm thinking I have to go back and buy a few bottles. It was so light and refreshing! Definitely the perfect way to cool off on these unbearable Texas summer days. Also, I just really want to go back and enjoy this place again... Maybe when it doesn't feel like Earth is on fire. 

In vino veritas, y'all!