10 Favorite Items you can Find in my Home

The hubs and I currently live in an outdated duplex here in Austin so it's not exactly photo worthy, but we have done our best to spruce it up a bit and make it feel like ours. I thought I'd share a little peak into my home and tell you guys about a few of my favorite items... As well as a little insight on how to make an ugly rental bearable!

1. Artwork

Image from  lesleygrainger.com

So the painting shown above isn't in my home, but I have two of Lesley Grainger's pieces and they are probably my favorite things in the whole house. I have an abstract that Chris surprised me with at our wedding hanging in the entry (so it's the first thing I see when I walk in of course) and a piece from her "Faces" series hanging above the bar cart in our kitchen. There is just something about one-of-a-kind art, especially if it has as an emotional meaning... Both pieces instantly fill my heart with joy the second I look at them! If you want to see more of Lesley's work check her out here... You won't be disappointed! 

2. Bar Cart

Image from  westelm.com

Image from westelm.com

I mentioned my bar cart above... Well here it is! It's simple and gold and I love it. AND it's 20% off for the next couple days with code JULY4! 

3. Coffee Table Books

Image from  www.assouline.com

Coffee table books can add a super fun pop of color to any room and are a great way to showcase your interests and hobbies... Whether it's whale watching or pottery making, I guarantee you there's a book for it. When Art Meets Design (shown above) is definitely my favorite in our collection, and currently sits on the center of our media console on top of the Vanity Fair 100 Years book. Amazon is a great place to find books if you're looking for a specific one, but a lot of the time I will go to Half Price Books here in town. I can usually always find something cool and their pricing is where it's at! 

4. I Love Lamp

Image from  arteriorshome.com

Y'all I have this thing with lamps. I just feel like they can really make or break a room! I am all about splurging a bit on a cool lamp... especially a more neutral toned one like this lamp (shown above) who lives in my living room. It's perfect for me since it can go with pretty much any color and decor style... That way when I get the hankering to change things around (which happens often) it can stay put. If you find yourself perusing the Arteriors site and fall in love with a lamp then let me know... I can get you a way better price than the MSRP listed!

5. A Colorful Rug

Image from  luluandgeorgia.com

Okay I know I just said a lamp can make or break a room... But a rug TOTALLY makes or breaks a room! I have this beauty in my guest room/office and I swear once I put this rug in there the room transformed. Oh and it's also 20% off right now with code JULY4!

6. Agate Coasters

Image from  westelm.com

Image from westelm.com

I got these coasters as a wedding gift and I absolutely love them... And lucky for you they are on sale! The color is subtle with a little hint of blue, which I totally dig. Fun, unique coasters are just a must in my opinion. If you have plain cork coasters on your coffee table (or better yet ones with pictures or words on them) CALL ME. I will help you find a way out of this tragic life decision. 

7. Dining Centerpiece

Image from  crateandbarrel.com

If your dining table is nakey, go for a fun centerpiece bowl like this one to dress her up a bit. I think it looks fab as is or I actually put some faux succulents I found at Hobby Lobby in mine. 

8: Funky Chandelier

Image from  westelm.com

Image from westelm.com

Y'all, we had a ceiling fan over our dining table. No joke. It was the most hideous thing I've ever seen in my life. Thank God we decided to replace it with this chandelier so now I can look into our dining room and not feel like a little piece of my soul just died. Thank youuu West Elm for your affordable lighting options. This chandelier is also on sale at 20% off with code JULY4! 

9: Throw Pillows

Image from  anthropologie.com

I can't even explain how important throw pillows are. They are the perfect way to change the color palette of a room without changing everything you own... And how do you lay on your couch without throw pillows? That just seems like an odd situation to me. Our sofa and chair pillows are pretty neutral so I got this little ray of sunshine to go on our hall tree when you walk in. This pillow added the pop of color I was craving without me having to replace every single pillow in the living room. Win! 

10. Crystal Things 

Image from  zgallerie.com

Image from zgallerie.com

I'm not really sure why, but quartz crystals make me giddy. I just love them. Maybe it's the texture? Or maybe it's because they put out good vibes supposedly. Either way, this little tea light candle holder was the perfect addition to our coffee table. And it's on sale for 20% with code JULY20!

As always, thanks so much for taking the time to read and hopefully you guys can take advantage of some of these holiday deals. Happy Fourth, y'all!