Top Wallpaper Trends of 2018

Like most designers out there I have a slight, okay borderline unhealthy, obsession with wallpaper. If I get a chance to use it on a project I practically jump for joy. So in the spirit of such joy I bring to you examples of some current wallpaper trends! 

1. Animal Print

This animal print inspired polka dot pattern is all the rage right now. I love Caitlin Wilson's line because she has this pattern in a plethora of different adorable colorways. The pattern above is shown in an entry which is a superb place to throw up some wallpaper, especially if it's a smaller accent wall. Below you can see a similar pattern designed by Katie Kime shown installed in her very own dining room. The dining room is also one of my favorite spots (pun intended) to wallpaper, whether it's an accent wall or the whole dang thing! 

Image from  @katiekime

Image from @katiekime

You thought I was done with animal prints didn't you? Heck naw. This next wallpapered space is one I've been dying to try... the stairs! 

Image from  @camilapavone

Image from @camilapavone

Okay last animal printed space I promise. You can find the adorable wallcovering below (along with a ton of other fun prints) at If you haven't noticed I love pretty much all of her stuff. Oh and she has peel and stick wallpaper too! I'd also like to point out that this wallpaper is in a laundry room... GREAT place to wallpaper. Laundry rooms are usually a smaller space (and no one likes doing laundry) so why not make it pretty if you're going to be forced to be in there?

Image from  @katiekime

Image from @katiekime

2. Botanical 

Botanical wallpaper has continued to steadily increase in popularity... and size! These large scale botanical prints are perfect for a bedroom accent wall or really any accent wall your little heart desires. If these "large and in charge" prints are too much for you, don't worry... Regular sized botanical prints are still definitely in style! 

Image from  One Kind Design

Image from One Kind Design

3. Grasscloth

Honestly, I really don't think grasscloth will ever go out of style, like ever. There are just so many options out there! Not to mention there are about a trillion different price points for grasscloth so you're pretty much guaranteed to find an option that fits in your budget. 

Image from  @lexi.interiors

Image from @lexi.interiors

This photo is the perfect example of expertly executing wallpaper in built-ins. I absolutely love this idea, but it can seriously go awry when the wrong print is used. That's why grasscloth is a wonderful option for this... It adds texture and color without taking away from the accessories. 

4. Abstract

Image from  Lindsay Cowles

Image from Lindsay Cowles

Abstract prints, especially when they have a watercolor look like Lindsay Cowles' designs (shown above), are quite possibly my favorite. I actually used one of her prints in my Elevé Cosmetics project here in Austin and it totally completes the look of the wine bar. Oh and if you're really going for a "blow your socks off" look in your home then definitely wallpaper a ceiling or two! 

5. Geometric

Image from  The Spruce

Image from The Spruce

Geometric wallpaper has been around for quite a while now, but it's still holding on for dear life! It really is a fantastic choice if you want to add a contemporary touch to a space like the powder bath shown above. And that brings me to my next point... wallpaper yo powder bath, y'all. It's really hard to choose a favorite space to wallpaper but the powder bath might be it. I just love it when I walk into one and SURPRISE!

6. Cork

Image from  @glamcoastal

Image from @glamcoastal

I have ALWAYS had a thing for metallic cork wallpaper. Maybe it's the texture? Or maybe it's the perfect blend of rough natural elements and man-made metals thriving together in perfect harmony. Okay sorry I got a little carried away there. Anyways cork wallpaper is the and it comes in so many different colorways and even patterns too. I know I already brought up the importance of not overpowering your shelving with an intense pattern... so I'll just leave you with the fact that cork is also a fantastic choice for built-ins or shelving of any kind. 

7. Floral

Image from  @monikahibbs

Image from @monikahibbs

So remember when you used to walk into your grandma's house and you'd see floral wallpaper... okay floral everything? Well guess what guys, it's baaaaack! I'm not gonna lie, I was NOT hesitant to jump back on the floral train. I know a couple designers who still aren't into it (probably because of the overexposure during their youth), but I'm all about the florals baby. And speaking of baby, that brings me to my next favorite space to wallpaper... Kid's rooms and nurseries! Floral prints are absolutely perfect for a little girl's room accent wall and the photo above kind of makes me want a child just so I can decorate their room... JAYYYKAYYY no babies here any time soon. But seriously though... get into the florals.