Tips for Timeless Neutral Fall Decor

Halloween is finally upon us, but as much as I love the black and orange spider web filled festivities and spooky decor I feel like it just doesn’t quite fit in my home. So it got me thinking that I should share some ideas on how to decorate for fall (slow down Christmas fanatics we still have Thanksgiving!) while still maintaining a neutral palette.

Image from  @c.b._designs

Image from @c.b._designs

Pumpkin Types:

At the epicenter of all neutral fall decor is the white pumpkin… and lucky for us it comes in all shapes, sizes, and neutral shades! Confused on which white pumpkins to go for? Here is a list with info on each courtesy of The Spruce:

  • Lumina. Skin: Brilliant white. Texture: Smooth.

  • Casper. Skin: Bright white. Shape: More round than squat with only slight ribbing. 

  • White Ghost (Also known as Valencia). Skin: Pure white. Shape: Squat.

  • White Pie. Skin: Ivory and somewhat smooth like its orange counterpart. Shape: Small and oval.

  • Baby Boo: These palm-sized minis are best in numbers--the more the merrier. Skin: Bright white; tends to turn yellow if exposed to direct sunlight. Size: Miniature. 

If white pumpkins just seem a little dull to you, throw some blue pumpkins in the mix! These babies still have a neutral vibe, but can add a subtle pop of color to your decor. Again, The Spruce has got you covered with an informative list of blue pumpkin options:

  • Kabocha: It's a squash masquerading as a green pumpkin and goes by the names Japanese Pumpkin, Ebisu, Delica, Hoka, Hokkaido Pumpkin. Skin: Tough and green. Shape: Rounded, irregular.

  • Jarrahdale: This is an heirloom pumpkin that was developed as a cross between the Cinderella and Blue Hubbard. Shape: Flattened but rounded like Cinderella. Skin: Light blue-grey. Ribbed: Deeply. 

  • Blue Lakota: An heirloom variety from the Midwest. A mix of blue and green. Ribbing: Slight. Shape: Oblate; top at step, comes to a point or cone-shape.


Image from

Image from

You didn’t think I was going to just let you stop at pumpkins did you? The key to completing your neutral fall look is greenery! My personal favorites include eucalyptus (I prefer seeded), olive, and bay leaves. The photo above is an example of what it looks like when you combine all three… Gorge!

Mantel Decor

Image from  Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

One of the best places to throw up some holiday decor is the fireplace mantel. The photo above is the perfect combination of all the pretty fall things I’ve been harping about - white pumpkins, blue pumpkins, and greenery! I mean seriously, what else do you need?

Front porch DECOR

Image from  @ninaandcecilia

Image from @ninaandcecilia

If you have a beautiful front porch like the one above, then what better time do adorn it in adorable decor than the fall season? This is a great example of “less is more.” They didn’t go over the top with their pumpkins and there is just enough greenery between the mums and the simple wreath on the front door. Well done!

Image from  Boho Wreath Co.

Image from Boho Wreath Co.

If you don’t have a huge porch to fill with fall decor, then just go with a pretty greenery wreath like this one! I found this particular wreath on Etsy along with several other great options, including some really cute hoop wreaths if you’re feeling a little more minimalistic. Or you could always just swing by hobby lobby for a wreath wire frame and your local flower shop for some greenery and make it yourself!

Fall Door Mat

Image from  Sky to Creative Co.

This super fun door mat is another great Etsy find and the perfect pairing with your fall wreath! There is also this adorable “Hey there Pumpkin” door mat I found on Etsy as well… So many cute options!

Table Decor

Did I mention I have a thing for greenery? This might be the Thanksgiving tablescape of my dreams, and it’s so simple! Eucalyptus with white flowers, white pumpkins and added warmth with fringed natural fiber placemats.... And those crystal glasses add such a timeless beauty to the overall look!

If you are in love with the idea of decorating for the fall season, but the task seems a little daunting or overwhelming… This girl’s got yo back! Along with furnishings/decor and remodels I also offer styling services. I can help you turn your home into a thing of festive fall beauty!