My Top 10 Dreamy Kitchens

Since the idea of owning our own home has slowly become a reality over the past couple months (we close on the house tomorrow OMG) my head has been spinning with excitement over renovation details. Since we are planning on redoing the kitchen, along with everything else, I thought a blog post is a perfect opportunity to put my obsessive research to good use and share my top 10 kitchen designs with you guys. But first I must say these are in no particular order because I honestly cannot stop drooling over all of them.

Windsor Kitchen

by Jennifer Muirhead Interiors

I love everything about this charming little L.A. kitchen, from the backsplash tile to the roman shades, and of course the satin brass accents. It’s truly inspiring when a designer can pull off a space that looks fabulous and well put together, but also embodies a homey feeling that makes you picture yourself sitting at one of those bar stools drinking tea… Okay wine.

Instafamous Kitchen

by Jenna Rammell

Photo from  @Jennaskitchen

Photo from @Jennaskitchen

If you follow anything interior design related on the gram you may have come across this photo. It’s been shared by @studiomcgee, @mydomaine, and many more because it’s pretty freakin’ awesome y’all. It’s simple, yet interesting, and the perfect balance of femininity and masculinity with the blush rug and coordinating black window with the black island pendants. Bravo Jenna!

Highview Kitchen

by Bria Hammel Interiors

What initially caught my eye in this kitchen design is that countertop. I absolutely love the color and the movement paired with that simple backsplash tile and white cabinets. And guys, when you have a fab countertop a waterfall is always a good idea…. it really amped up this kitchen another notch!

Portland Modern Colonial Kitchen

By Caitlin Wilson

Image from

If I’m looking at one of Caitlin Wilson’s designs, I usually pretty much always have hearts coming out of my eyeballs. She has such a great use of color and effortlessly mixes traditional and contemporary pieces. Take this kitchen for example - eye catching pops of color with the perfect blend of traditional charm and modern flair.

West Project Kitchen (#yesifitswhiteclient)

By Kate Marker Interiors

Talk about a bright white kitchen! I think I would walk into this space and immediately feel overwhelming happiness. It’s just so clean and crisp… and then here comes the rug for the win with a fab pop of color! Nailed it.

Moody Blue Kitchen

By Emily Henderson

Photo from  @emhenderson

Photo from @emhenderson

If you like blue, this kitchen was definitely made for you. I love that it’s colorful, but toned down enough that it doesn’t make you feel like you’re having a sensory overload episode. Also, you seriously can’t ever go wrong with brass accents on a grayish blue background… It will forever and always look uh-mazing.

Charming Connecticut Kitchen

By @raquelgarciadesign_

Photo by  @alyssarosenheck

I wasn’t crazy about this kitchen at first, but it grew on me. I’m really into the soothing tones and simplicity of the space. I also just have a soft spot for Connecticut… I actually spent 3rd and 4th grade there. I have the best memories of the colorful trees in the fall and the giddy excitement of waking up to a snow day.

Mountain Ranch Kitchen

By Nicole Davis Interiors

Does that tile look familiar? Well it should because it was in the first kitchen on this list, and I’m not even mad about it because I love it. But seriously have you EVER seen a ranch house kitchen this incredible? It honestly might be the best take on contemporary rustic style that I’ve ever witnessed. Slow clap.

A Beautiful Mess Kitchen

By Elsie Larson

Photo from

This little button of a kitchen stole my heart the moment I saw it. What a fantastic use of a small space, and I just love the statement light fixture and that totes adorbs range. I’m thinking I may need to go for a range with a funky color in our new kitchen. It adds so much character! However I do not think I’ll be doing open shelving… that might be this OCD woman’s nightmare.

Encinitas Kitchen

By Brianna Partridge Interiors

Photo by  @ryangarvin

Photo by @ryangarvin

If this kitchen isn’t a prime example of an “on trend” California kitchen then butter my butt and call me a biscuit. White on white on white with warm textures and brass accents… Perfection!

I’d say I have a plethora of inspirational kitchen designs to keep in mind for our little remodel project. Follow along on my instastory to see the progress Chris and I make as we attempt (key word) a lot of DIY construction!